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Can you afford not to get Uplifter?

Did you know that your company is spending over 3000-10.000$/year on employee mental wellness problems like depression, group effects and lack of productivity, and lost clients? 

Uplifter is not a ''therapy'' app. It's the world's first AI life coach app that gives each employee a personal life coach 24/7 that will coach them on career, finance, personal life, fitness and nutrition to prevent their need for therapy. It is also backed by a team of world leading experts in AI, robotics, wellness and neurosicence. As they develop, they will get personalized calls with experts in a particular area to improve. With several partnerships for fitness, travel, spa etc. your employees will feel healthy, motivated and empowered!

Now that you know you can dramatically improve your company's spending and overall employee happiness, can you afford not to try out Uplifter? 

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