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Become an uplifter.

What you get
The most advanced and affordable AI-powered wellness coaching course on the market.

This course will turn you into a certified Uplifter. You will learn the basics about coaching with the help of an AI, offering holistic coaching on

💻 career
💸 finance
💑🏽 relationships
💪 fitness
🥗 nutrition
🤳 body image
🤖 AI-based coaching

and lots of other fields all at once, mindful listening,legal compliance and everything you need to become a thriving Uplifter.

The course is designed by experts in wellness, AI, entrepreneurship, investment, fitness and nutrition. You will not receive a grade but your answers and suggestions, combined with your experience and skills will determine your eligibility and position as a coach on the Uplifter app. You can also use the course just to expand your coaching areas of expertise!

​You will also get an Uplifter badge which will bring you to the top of the search list, a personalized Uplifter diploma with the CEO's signature and get qualified for a lot of target-based perks, going from gym and spa memberships, to exclusive events, and even our annual tropical retreat for our top performers!

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Uplifter is the new Uber for mindfulness coaches. By allowing you to connect with clients 1-1 and make extra revenue instantly, our app offers a holistic therapy program including mental wellness, nutrition, fitness, therapy, relationship coaching and professional coaching, etc. Become an Uplifter now and help improve people's lives!

*Disclaimer: the Uplifter course does not guarantee your position as an Uplifter coach 

The new Uber for mindfulness is here. Take the course and start your journey as an Uplifter coach today.*

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