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Uplifter was born out of admiration and respect for the human experience. At Uplifter, we know that each human mind is a unique, chaotic, fragile, powerful, imperfect supernova, always evolving. No single diagnosis, meditation, fitness, or life plan fits all. 

That's why we built Uplifter. Using the latest technology, we find the perfect coaching matches based on your specific needs, giving you a 24/7 human coach creating a personalized plan for you, based on your needs, your story, your medical history, your wellness, fitness, nutrition, career and personal needs.

We are a team of thousands of neurobiologists, programmers, engineers, AI leaders, roboticists, wellness experts, psychiatrists, as well as fitness coaches, nutritionists, top-level career coaches, VCs, financial analysts, stylists and relationship experts working together to bring out the best in every single unique individual. Just like we can all work together to bring out the best in people, you can combine everything that forms 'you'  to become the best version of yourself and live your best life.


To get started, wouldn't it be nice to have someone listen, without judgment? That's what Uplifters do. And only when you are ready, we will help you uplift yourself.

Our mission is to make wellness affordable for everyone, not just billionaires and Hollywood stars.

Are you tired of generic mindfulness apps? Do you also want to avoid expensive therapy sessions?

Uplifter is not just another mindfulness or therapy app. Uplifter is the first AI-powered personal life optimization coach. 

Would you like to have your own expert team coaching you 24/7 on how to improve your health, finances, career and personal life all at once? With Uplifter, you'll get just that. 


The price? Less than your gym membership. Can you afford not to download Uplifter right now?



Our vision is to use the power of AI to build the ultimate companion, and reach AGI in the process.

No more expensive therapy sessions, no more worrying results from your doctor, just preventive wellness, both physical and mental, and a clearer path ahead, so you have space to stop worrying, focus on the now, and live your best life! 

Imagine if there was an app that brought the best in each of us, and made us share that kindness with each other. Isn't that the world you would like to be part of?

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